Find it, Pin it, Buy It

First of all, apologies for probably ''borrowing'' that headline from one hundred other posts about Pinterest's new 'Buy It' button

Back in June, Pinterest announced it's intention to give brands the opportunity to add a 'Buy It ' button to the their boards

With a recent study by MillwardBrown Digital that surveyed over 2,000 Pinterest users finding that 93% of these Pinners that were active in the last 6 months saying that they use Pinterest to plan purchases, the move makes complete sense.

The Buy It button effectively helps consumers from 'Window Shopping' to actual shopping.

They have made it look smooth

This is obviously a great move for retailers as we know them, but in my mind has opportunities well beyond the Nordstroms, Next and ASOS's of this world. 

Other brands that can use 'Content' as a means of attracting new customers are bound to try it. Imagine The Times or Telegraph newspapers offering a subscription on the back of this, or BT promoting its TV and Sports packages!

Of course, this has technically already been done in the real world with QR Codes

Window shopping in Amsterdam