The Co-op. How to raise my expectations as a customer, and then disappoint me

I remember a few years ago talking to my client at ASDA about the content they might think of adding to their Christmas run in emails. Never mind the turkey or fizz offers, we'd looked at some Hitwise data that showed us that one of the more common search terms around this time of year was 'Supermarket opening hours'

So it made sense to add that information into their customers weekly email halfway through December to help customers - as well as stopping them seeing the opening hours of competitor stores

I was very happy , therefore. to see this subject line appear in my inbox today

Perfect! But this unfortunately was the highlight of experience

Upon opening the email ( tick for the email marketer who is KPI'd on opens) this is what I saw above the fold

Damn! A fizz offer. Still my scrolling persistence paid off..sort of

Use the Store Finder ? But I shop there 3 or 4 times every week. I know where it is .So, you know where I live and where I shop, but decide to take to the website to check out the details I thought you'd sent me. OK, so lets assume that I do really need to know. Click! ( ( tick number 2 for that email marketer who probably has clicks as another KPI)

You're not going to believe this


Please! Just tell me! You know where I shop!!

In for a penny, I use the 'Use your location' option and get given this list of stores..

Can you guess which of those is my local Co-op?

You've guessed it..Number 5. Which in reality is almost close enough to my house that I can read the sign on the door that says ' Store Opening Hours'

It's always disappointing when the highlight of any eCRM/digital/customer experience is..the subject line!

ps..Probably no ticks for whoever gets marked on customer experience